Week 4

ending welfare as we know it

Key Questions

  • How is welfare used to regulate gender and sexuality? What are the ways in which it’s used to enforce work?

  • What are the priorities of TANF? What is the purpose of its focus on marriage, work, and pregnancy?

  • How are TANF funds spent? What does this reveal about the role of TANF in forced labor and family values?

Required Materials:

Supplementary Materials:


Find your state-specific fact sheet on TANF spending using this tool. How does your state allocate its TANF funding? How much goes toward basic assistance (i.e., cash transfers)? Compare your state’s TANF spending to TANF spending in other states. What does this reveal about how TANF funding is utilized nationally?

Next, use the map below to look at how TANF is used to fund anti-abortion programs. Which states run A2A programs? How many of these states divert TANF funds to A2A programs?