Week 4

modern war against sex

Key Questions

  • What are the ways in which carceral feminism can be seen in the contemporary political landscape? What continuities can be drawn between the carceral feminism of the late 20th century and the carceral feminism of today?

  • How can popular feminist campaigns such as the campus anti-rape movement and #MeToo be considered carceral? What does this reveal about these campaigns?

  • How have carceral feminists influenced the contemporary legal landscape? What specific changes have resulted from carceral feminist efforts?

Required Materials:

Supplementary Materials:


An anti-trans politics has risen in prominence over the past decade, with many feminists — commonly referred to as trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) — advocating for legislation to control, regulate, and surveil the lives of trans people, particularly trans women and children. Should this group of feminists be included under the carceral feminist umbrella? What are examples of anti-trans feminists seeking to expand and intensify carceral power?