Week 7

Fomenting Feminist Nationalism

Key Questions

  • What is femonationalism? How has feminism converged with nationalist and anti-migrant politics?

  • What is the genealogy of femonationalism? How has the stereotype of the patriarchal, misogynist migrant man been constructed?

  • How do policies regarding migrant integration and assimilation relate to femonationalism? How has discourse around women’s rights and gender equality impacted the assimilatory and exclusionary missions of nation-states?

Required Materials:

Supplementary Materials:


Sara Farris focuses on femonationalism within Europe. Research migration (policies, demographics, rhetoric, etc.) within the United States context, particularly focusing on its gendered elements. Is a similar discourse of femonationalism utilized within the United States? Are there similar gendered policies? What are the differences between Europe and the United States?