Week 4

from schoolhouse to jailhouse

Key Questions

  • How has the school-to-prison pipeline historically developed? What is its relationship to racism, segregation, and capitalism?

  • What policies and practices are associated with the school-to-prison pipeline? How are students differentially impacted?

  • What is the school-to-deportation pipeline? How is the school-to-prison pipeline connected to the school-to-deportation pipeline?

Required Materials

Supplementary Materials


First, find your school district using the tool below and determine how segregated it is.

Next, use the tool below to locate a redlining map for your city. What similarities are there between the redlining map and the previous map of school segregation? What does this reveal about the legacy of anti-Black racism? Think about the sort of policies and changes that would be necessary to address segregation and the differential life chances it creates.